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About Me

Hi there and welcome!

I'm Fallon Rice

a self taught Makeup Artist & the founder of Sunlashes

Want to know a secret?

I didn't always love makeup. A fact that shocks most! In fact, I was a bit of a tom boy growing up. I played a number of sports and I was lucky enough to participate in competitive show jumping as well as horse training for many many years. I even completed my college education in the Large Animal Medical field.

Where did my makeup journey begin?

started my makeup journey about 6 years ago when I was desperate to perfect the art that is winged liner. This led me into the wormhole we all know and love, YouTube. I started spending hours watching my favourite gurus, learning techniques, how to properly blend and all about proper application tools.


Slowly I started investing in higher quality product and developing my skills.

Once I felt confident in my skill set, I started doing makeup on friends and friends of friends. I ended up buying a second set of everything I owned and taught myself proper sanitation/cleaning techniques and started charging for my services. 6 years later, here I am! 

Then S U N L A S H E S was born!

I founded Sunlashes in the spring on 2020 (hello COVID times!) I was filming a video on Sunday afternoon and could not decide on what lashes to wear.


I was tired of spending tons of money on lashes I just wasn't obsessed with. I wanted something unique, fluffy and durable. I jokingly said to myself "I should just make my own" and went about my day.


Then I couldn't stop thinking..what if I made my own?? After months of research and development, Sunlashes is where it is today. I am very proud of the brand I have built and I couldn't be more excited for you to join me on this journey!

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